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“John Dunbar is the only 3rd District Supervisor candidate with experience leading a local government organization and managing a government budget. Given the many needs facing our community, coupled with all three District 3 Mayors being new, a new County CEO and soon, a new 3rd District Supervisor, I'm confident John is best equipped to provide the strong voice and leadership Napa County needs during this time of transformational change.”
Ryan Gregory, Napa Resident and Chair, Napa County Board of Supervisors

“John Dunbar has been a strong supporter, partner, and advocate for public safety personnel and our first responders. His leadership on public safety matters will remain a key priority of his on the Board of Supervisors, and I’m confident he’ll be a strong voice for community safety in our urban and rural areas.”
Oscar Ortiz, Napa County Sheriff

“I’m supporting John Dunbar for Supervisor because I believe he is best fit to represent the diverse interests of the 3rd District. We have both served as Mayors of our respective communities, both share an understanding of and appreciation for agriculture, and both want to preserve the scenic, natural beauty that has made Napa County a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. John is my choice for Supervisor in District 3, and I know he’ll be an effective representative for up-valley residents.”
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, California State Assemblymember, 4th District

“For as long as I’ve been in office, Mayor John Dunbar has stood out as an up-valley leader on issues of sustainable economic development, water conservation, agriculture and more recently, wildfire recovery and our collective community efforts to adapt and recover from the pandemic. John’s ability to reach out, listen and build consensus has helped him be an effective leader as Mayor of Yountville, attributes I know will serve him well on the Board of Supervisors.”
Chris Canning, Mayor of Calistoga

headshot“John and I have worked together for many years as Mayors of our respective cities. I was proud when John was elected the President of the League of California Cities and I was pleased how he represented us on a state level. John made the time to connect with the local Napa mayors when he had new information he had gotten on statewide calls to share with us. I felt like John kept us fully informed on how the COVID-19 protocols would affect cities. John is truly a partner to the other Mayors in Napa County. John takes the time to understand the issues we face and I have enjoyed collaborating with him. I know he will be a great partner on the Board of Supervisors and we will continue to solve problems and issues together.”
Jill Techel, Former Mayor of Napa

headshot“John Dunbar has diverse and extensive experience addressing issues facing the City and County of Napa. For the many years I’ve known John, I’ve seen him listen to and engage with both residents and community leaders alike to discuss important issues and find solutions…I believe this experience and approach to getting things done will be a huge asset on the Napa County Board of Supervisors.”
José Hurtado, North Napa Resident and former Trustee, Napa Valley Unified School District

headshot“Throughout the pandemic, John Dunbar has diligently looked out for the health and well-being of local businesses, our workforce and residents of our community. He understands the challenges COVID-19 restrictions have on local restaurants and businesses, and communicates with us about public health orders and economic recovery resources. John has the collaborative leadership style we need in our County Supervisor.”
Bettina Rouas, Napa Restaurant Owner and Yountville Resident

headshot“I support John Dunbar for Supervisor because he is a proven leader who supports agriculture, and recognizes the key role agriculture plays in Napa County’s past, present and future. He is committed to preserving Napa Valley as the international treasure it is. With John on the Board of Supervisors, I know we’ll have a leader who will listen, understand and make informed decisions with and for the people and businesses in our community.”
Bill Keever, Yountville Vintner and Business Owner

headshot“I’ve gotten to know John as a personal friend and in his capacity as Mayor of Yountville through my work with the Good Life Wine Collective (Jessup Cellars and Handwritten Wines). John has been a strong supporter of local businesses that provide hospitable experiences for locals and visitors alike. I always can count on John to respond to and help with any need or question I have, something I’m sure will continue through his service as County Supervisor.”
Tracy McArdle, GM, Good Life Wine Collective and North Napa Resident

headshot“During my years on the St. Helena City Council, I worked closely with John during our shared public service. Mayor Dunbar always is fair, respectful and open-minded. He is focused on serving the residents and businesses in our community. John has the personal and leadership characteristics and qualities we need from our representative on the County Board of Supervisors.”
Peter White, Former St. Helena Vice Mayor

headshot“John Dunbar has been a strong supporter of our local business community, and he appreciates the diversity of experiences available to the residents and visitors of the Napa Valley that have grown from our agriculture and wine roots. Mayor Dunbar has shown balanced, collaborative leadership that benefit residents, business owners and other Napa County stakeholders. It was no more obvious than during the pandemic, when John engaged with up valley residents, business owners and healthcare providers to give information and guidance during the uncertain times and provided a path for a community-wide economic recovery.”
Tom Davies, St. Helena Resident and Winery Executive

headshot“John Dunbar is the most experienced and capable candidate running for District 3 Supervisor. He has the leadership and consensus-building skills we need, is a proven champion of the arts, and is committed to preserving and building on our community’s rich history to make Napa County an even better place for people to live, work, and enjoy life every day.”
Laura Rafaty, St. Helena Resident and Executive Director, Napa Valley Museum Yountville

headshot“I got to know John Dunbar during my sixteen years of serving on the Calistoga City Council. We served together on numerous county boards representing our jurisdictions.  He was always well prepared and a strong voice of reason.  He is approachable, accessible, and responsive.  I trust in John's leadership abilities and he will be able to manage the diversity of issues that come before the Board of Supervisors.  You can have confidence that John Dunbar will make sound decisions that benefit all of Napa County.”
Michael Dunsford, former Calistoga Vice Mayor and Owner, Calistoga Inn, Restaurant & Brewery

headshot“Over the years, I've had the pleasure of working with John on a range of issues affecting our community - particularly wildfires and COVID-19 response - and the significant economic challenges these have had on residents and businesses alike. John is tireless and innovative when it comes to finding solutions. As a leader, he's smart, diligent, thorough and caring. He listens and respects all points of view. As Yountville's Mayor, he's done a masterful job of balancing the needs of residents and visitors, and he understands each town in Napa Valley, including my hometown of Calistoga, has specific problems to address. His commitment to improving the most pressing issues we face - climate change, affordable housing, responsible economic development - are why I think we'd be lucky to have John represent us as District 3 Supervisor.”
Eden Umble, Calistoga Resident and Business & Arts Advocate 

headshot“I’ve gotten to know John Dunbar through my non-profit and culinary work in the Napa Valley, including with the Lincoln Theater and the V Foundation for Cancer Research. John has been a major supporter of our local culinary, art, hospitality and non-profit scenes, and is always seeking to support us and make a positive impact. I’m impressed by John’s leadership and ability to make things happen throughout Napa County. John has a big heart, and will be a fantastic representative of District 3 on the Board of Supervisors.”
Max Duley, V Foundation Wine Celebration Executive